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About Vasily Polovnikov
Vasily Polovnikov is an elite professional athlete of 17 years.  He gained the title of International Master of Sport (one of the highest rank as an athlete under the Soviet System) and was a member of the Russian national team from 2001-2015.  
His amazing accomplishments include being forever immortalized as the current Russian senior national record holder for the 94 kg weight-class, as well as being a past junior world record holder, and past international and national champion and medalist in all age categories and various weight classes. Not only has he taught numerous Olympic weightlifting technique and development seminars in many different countries around the world, he was one of the first pioneers that kickstarted the international Olympic weightlifting seminar touring movement now seen today by athletes such as Dmitry Klokov and Oleksiy Torokhtiy.  
Vasily currently resides in Manhattan and runs an online and in-person weightlifting and strength community Win with Vasfit where he continues to coach athletes of all levels globally to surpass their goals.
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